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I tried it. No such luck. It still shows my font design, other unused character glyphs, kanji glyphs and such. I tried both, most of my work vanished, so glad I didn't save it.

When I try Force Encoding under Glyph Order, it only shows the glyph sets I created. But when I Save under new name, generate the font, install it, it shows my glyph works and other unicodes... hmmm.

I'll still try something out.

Assuming you mean Detach and Remove Glyps. I can select for instance all the other glyphs that are there, detach and remove, save it, generate the font, and it will only show my character glyphs and not the extra stuff. I may give that a try, I doubt if that's what I'm looking for.

Thanks again, if there's any suggestions, I appreciate them.

18/03/2013 a las 00:43  [post initial]  Font 'cleaning' (unused glyphs) in FontForge


I have been using FontForge, and I was wondering if I can get some help. I wanted to know if there's a way to clean up unwanted glyphs (like Chinese Characters for examples) before generating them? Like the Segoe font for example - it only has the characters/glyphs (Latin, Cyrillic, Greek) and some dinbats without all the unnecessary clutter of unused glyphs. I tried to look up some info on FontForge site, no such luck.

Any help can be appreciated.


06/03/2013 a las 05:59  [post initial]  A question of font submitting.

Out of curiosity, do I have to create a license (sorta like OpenType Library would require) before submitting my fonts here?

I just created a font set I did from scratch and compiled them with FontForge and TypeTool (Fontlab). I tried to submit the font with OpenType Library - in vain. It was rejected - only to say that it's not an acceptable license; I think it was the SIL license. I had no such luck in finding the right license and what-have-you; and contemplating on submitting the font here.

I'm not very keen to all the other things pertaining to legal matters (licensing), but I wanted to share this question here.

I had submitted my "Rebel" font 3 years ago, without any problems as I would like to share my work freely, and I don't want to do something that would jeopardize it.

Questions, thoughts?



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