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13/02/2014 a las 21:55  [respuesta]  What's this font?


13/02/2014 a las 21:13  [post initial]  What's this font?

I used to have it on my old laptop but I can't remember the name!

09/08/2013 a las 19:26  [post initial]  Le Monde est ŕ Vous/Nous

From La Haine, anybody know what the font of the billboard is?

15/10/2012 a las 00:16  [post initial]  Looper, what font is this?

03/05/2012 a las 22:44  [post initial]  Also this one?

Used for 'Keep Calm and Carry On' posters as well I believe.

03/05/2012 a las 22:43  [post initial]  Identify this font please?

Not on the poster for the film, but a lovely font nonetheless.

02/05/2012 a las 22:59  [post initial]  What font is this?

I love Louis CK and I need to do some tribute work, having this font would be really helpful.

25/03/2012 a las 19:15  [post initial]  Help?

04/03/2012 a las 20:36  [post initial]  EMPIRE logo

22/02/2012 a las 19:25  [post initial]  Ed Wood title card

15/02/2012 a las 20:43  [post initial]  Skyrim... help?

30/01/2012 a las 20:44  [post initial]  Hammer Horror logo?

12/01/2012 a las 20:07  [respuesta]  Umm....


12/01/2012 a las 01:08  [respuesta]  Umm....

The word 'artist' if possible

11/01/2012 a las 23:33  [post initial]  Umm....

Just saw 'The Artist' (terrific film by the way) and I just love art deco sort of stuff.

14/07/2011 a las 17:20  [post initial]  Dumbledore's Army

I was always curious about this one

18/06/2011 a las 19:42  [post initial]  Help please?

I'd really appreciate finding out which font this is

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12/06/2011 a las 13:14  [post initial]  What font is this?

Pretty sure that I already have this font, but just to be sure, can you please confirm the name of it?

05/03/2011 a las 22:21  [post initial]  West Side Story

Na na, na na na na na, na na na na... MAMBO

24/02/2011 a las 20:06  [post initial]  ENSLAVED

Huso horario CEST. Ahora son las 13:30

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