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07/01/2012 a las 23:26  [respuesta]  GERMANY logo font ?

Pretty similar, based on the original, but not identical though.

The original font is called "Welcome" and it was created by Whitestone, unfortunately it's not obtainable.

Fuente sugerida: FIFA Welcome

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07/01/2012 a las 13:59  [respuesta]  Which font ?

Font on the logo (that says "LLG")

I've got no idea for "COMMUNITY", sorry ;_;

Fuente sugerida: Century Gothic

07/01/2012 a las 13:57  [respuesta]  Which font ?

Heavily modified, letter spacing narrowed, various cuts here and there and custom A.

Fuente identificada: Ethnocentric

06/01/2012 a las 03:28  [respuesta]  please help

For anyone who's not sure - there ARE serifs on the face from the image above. Just look at the brightness of certain pixels.


Oh, I can't delete my reply ._.

Fuente sugerida: Serpentine D Bold Italic  (Ya se ha sugerido aquí)

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Fake italics applied.

Fuente sugerida: Danube

02/01/2012 a las 15:27  [respuesta]  ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS FONT ;)

Fuente identificada: Gill Sans Ultra Bold

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02/01/2012 a las 15:21  [respuesta]  qual nome dessa fonte

Fuente identificada: Slipstream

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02/01/2012 a las 15:04  [respuesta]  Hanstholm Font

Stretched manually.

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01/01/2012 a las 00:45  [respuesta]  Any Ideas?

Some upper parts cut off.

Fuente identificada: Atari Kids

30/12/2011 a las 03:20  [respuesta]  'Y U NO' MEME

29/12/2011 a las 16:15  [post initial]  I've just killed mspaint :D

Microsoft Paint is a well known, super-professional tool for typographers and designers. It will never get obsolete, all the Mac users are JEALOUS about it (jk). I have no idea how, maybe it's clearly my fault, maybe the system just couldn't take all that font installing and uninstalling again and again, but when I was working on a font in FontCreator it just happened. I opened up mspaint and tried to type some text with my font after installing it into C:\Windows\Fonts... but the application crashed. Now there's even no error, it just shuts down everytime when I'm trying to use the text tool.

I tried to look for the problem in the registry, but came up with nothing. Does anyone know where's the registry key for Microsoft Paint? I think that changing the last used font would fix the problem. Or maybe there's another way? Please, help me, guys!

Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2, system recovery turned off.

27/11/2011 a las 20:00  [respuesta]  Font please???


Fuente identificada: Captain Podd

27/11/2011 a las 05:38  [respuesta]  mlp

"Friendship is Magic" - Trollestia Medium - free equivalent.


Fuente sugerida: Celestia Medium

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27/11/2011 a las 05:35  [respuesta]  mlp

"Friendship is Magic" - Generation B - exactly the font used in the logotype.

Fuente sugerida: Generation B

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08/10/2011 a las 12:21  [respuesta]  What is the font type?

Orange one

Fuente identificada: Eurostile Bold Extended #2

04/09/2011 a las 22:58  [respuesta]  How do you make a font?

Try FontStruct.

(I'm new to forum, please don't blame me if you hate FontStruct or sth :P)

04/09/2011 a las 17:06  [respuesta]  help me, PLEASE!

No problem, sugarcube.

04/09/2011 a las 17:00  [respuesta]  I Need This FONT! FONT PLEASE!

Capital "M" has been taken from lowercase and scaled.

Fuente identificada: Microgramma Medium Extended

04/09/2011 a las 16:50  [respuesta]  help me, PLEASE!

Outline added separately.

Fuente identificada: Elektr_02_5

03/09/2011 a las 21:31  [respuesta]  Help with a font I used before

Nice pic, I like it, that's how it should be used.

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