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17/10/2016 a las 16:57  [respuesta]  What is this font? Help PLZ.

Fuente identificada: Jenna Sue

17/10/2016 a las 16:49  [respuesta]  fuente / font?

Fuente identificada: Ocelot Piss

17/10/2016 a las 16:42  [respuesta]  delmonico's font

Not sure. Maybe LostType's Duke.

Fuente identificada: Duke

17/10/2016 a las 15:24  [respuesta]  Help Please

Fuente identificada: Kravitz

Lauren ...

She stole Savor from Keith Bates
She stole Cluff Cursive from Hallmark Cards
She stole Cool Chicks Hearts from Darcy Baldwin
She stole Strawberry Limade from Kimberly Geswein
She stole Susa from Hubert Jocham
She stole Expresso from Darcy Baldwin
She stole Qlassik from Dimitri Castrique.
She stole Clemente from Alan Prescott
She stole Margot from Lauren Thomson
She stole Andrea from StuArt
She stole Chanletter (Caneletter) from Mĺns Grebäck
She stole Leokadia from Nick Curtis
She stole Lego from Kimberly Geswein
She stole Pooh from Galapagos Design Group
She stole Xoimara from Lauren Thomson
She stole Gosmick from Graham Meade
She stole Poetsen from Pablo Impallari
She stole Antique Olive from Linotype
She stole Antique from Linotype
She stole Bradley from Galapagos Design Group
She stole Naturalia from Carlos Fabian Camargo Guerrero
She stole Flo from Stereotypes
She stole Rickles from Font Diner
She stole Sahara from Mario Arturo
She stole Cocktails from Font Diner
She stole Gidden from studioGidde
She stole Pita from FenoType
She stole MegsHand from Megan Toy
She stole Verdana from Microsoft

I assume everything she has is stolen. Wonder what stolen goods she has in her fridge, wardrobe, name it ...

Like she says, it is all Chrissy's Jailbreak Stuff

You may want to start a facebook attack.

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13/10/2016 a las 17:11  [respuesta]  Qual fonte é essa ?

Fuente identificada: Jellyka Saint-Andrew's Queen

13/10/2016 a las 16:57  [respuesta]  Looking for similar font

Fuente identificada: Eurostile

13/10/2016 a las 16:54  [respuesta]  Can anyone identify this font?

Fuente identificada: Elmo

13/10/2016 a las 13:03  [respuesta]  Whats this font?

Fuente identificada: Lot

13/10/2016 a las 12:44  [respuesta]  demande de font svp ?

Fuente identificada: Action of the Time

13/10/2016 a las 12:34  [respuesta]  Unknown Font

Fuente identificada: Rough Draft

12/10/2016 a las 21:17  [respuesta]  What font Is Aqualenity? Thanks!

Fuente identificada: Star Avenue

12/10/2016 a las 21:15  [respuesta]  whats the name of this font?

Fuente identificada: Erwin

Even better. Should have looked at that
1992. That is from the times that Corel just renamed Bitstream fonts. Later solved with a license agreement.

Don, the Ireland came already with Corel Draw 4.
I agree, IronHorse is a clean version, specially for a ttf. Just found a type1 version of the one named IRONWOOD (all caps) which in the naming section mentions "PUBLISHERS' PARADISE BBS" (also all caps) which is by far the cleanest version I have seen so far.


12/10/2016 a las 13:56  [respuesta]  reducir el tamańo de archivos?

Some files are indeed very large but there is little to nothing dafont can do about that but not accepting the font for inclusion in the dafont offering. Which would be rather drastic a decision.
Dafont, however, warns when font-size will/can cause a computer lock-up when opening these fonts.
The font size itself is determined by the font author. Some go for fonts with an enormous amount of detail, like distorted faces.

11/10/2016 a las 19:29  [respuesta]  font?

Another one with (too) many names.

Try one or all of these ...

DomCasual, Franciscan, Banga, Dominican, Brough Superior, DomEF-Casual, Pedro, TinaBecker, PolkaMN, PolCasual or Polka BQ. You will be save with the Polka, here and there stretched a bit.

Fuente sugerida: Polka

Don, after a quick (and dirty) perspective correction on the S we have the following matches, of which a number were not mentioned before as those were published by dubious publishers, *. Without the perspective correction Tiara and Judas (in that order) score best.

Due to the perspective correction and enlargement none of these is a perfect match. Earliest date is 1989. But ... not all publishers use the real publishing year. They often jump a few years back. Also, not all are copies of other ones, many are own digital formats of original paper prints.

In alphabetical order:

Alhambra - Southern Software *
Applesauce - Perry Mason
Cantina Expanded SSi Semi Expanded - Southern Software *
Cher - Unknown Origin
Ireland - Corel Corporation
IRONWOOD-Medium.ttf - Fantazia Fonts and Sounds *
Ironwood Std Medium - Adobe/Linotype
Ironwork Normal - Bay Animation *
Ironwork Normal - Arts & Letters Corporation *
Judas - Unknown Origin
Slayer - SWFTE International *
SPK1 Ironhorse - The Fontry
Tiara - Unknown Origin
Tripe - Perry Mason
tsp arising 1 - toase *

The Tiara S and the Judas S. Judas runs wider but it is clear both are principally the same shape. Judas, being a ttf converted from Tiara has an enormeous number of nodes. Far more than needed to make that shape.

I know Don. An admin rejected a link to Tiara although not a 'not done' site. So then I posted the Judas Caps. Also rejected by admin. Both of course need a slight modification for P and O but that is just dragging the bottom node down. Tiara seems to be the oldest one (the type1 version) but has no author info in the font-file I have.

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