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21/10/2016 a las 22:50  [respuesta]  Jane XŘ - Hard To Forget EP

Maybe the same person, or even herself, is writing the texts for those covers.

21/10/2016 a las 22:31  [respuesta]  Font name?

Sometimes you will see a railroad crossing warning. Best not to pay attention. Yet, with some luck on your side the train may miss you.

21/10/2016 a las 22:13  [respuesta]  Font name?

Sorry but that is now up to lancon.

By the way, it states very clearly that enlarged images will be deleted. So why ignore that? Don't say you thought we would not notice.

21/10/2016 a las 22:04  [respuesta]  Font name?

Com'on Lancon. I gave you all the info. Now ID it.

21/10/2016 a las 17:31  [respuesta]  Convert .fon/.fnt

You may have forgotten or maybe never knew but Google started it's life as a search engine. And it still is. Try it.

21/10/2016 a las 17:03  [respuesta]  name of font

Using the Swash Caps.

Fuente identificada: Yana

21/10/2016 a las 16:57  [respuesta]  Need Magic and Pumpkin Fonts.

Fuente identificada: DK Jambo

21/10/2016 a las 16:54  [respuesta]  Need Magic and Pumpkin Fonts.

Fuente identificada: Harrington

21/10/2016 a las 16:12  [respuesta]  help

Fuente sugerida: Harrington  (Ya se ha sugerido aquí)

21/10/2016 a las 13:10  [respuesta]  Anybody recognize this font?

Fuente identificada: Amaranth

21/10/2016 a las 11:55  [respuesta]  whats the name of this font?


Fuente identificada: Arista Pro

21/10/2016 a las 11:21  [respuesta]  Harrowing 2016

Fuente identificada: Cinzel

I found some, that seem to be the same, that are fairly similar if you remove the decoration. Try the Winderrar-Bold, Kastellar Bold, Outline4, Haute, Kaste and Nelson. Apart from Outline4 and Nelson no author names are known. Arts & Letters claims the Outline4 and Brendel Informatik claims the Nelson.
Both Arts & Letters and Brendel Informatik though are well known for copying fonts.

20/10/2016 a las 16:31  [respuesta]  font name please

Fuente identificada: Cabana

20/10/2016 a las 16:14  [respuesta]  Font name?


Fuente identificada: Londrina

19/10/2016 a las 14:11  [respuesta]  Recherche Police

I am afraid only you can determine whether a font - in your opinion - resembles Autumn Chant or Signerica. When you are sure you saw it on dafont you will have to plough through the handwriting fonts here on dafont:

18/10/2016 a las 10:38  [respuesta]  Naming a new font version

When the basic letter shapes look the same (to the eye) it is preferable to use the same font name with an addition in the font family name to distinguish it from the original version.

18/10/2016 a las 10:33  [respuesta]  Merging fonts [Android]

Nograe ha dicho  
Yes it's not the problem, because I own a PC, I will use my Android only to install the .ttf file

Nograe will probably never suffer brain dammage.

17/10/2016 a las 22:04  [respuesta]  Merging fonts [Android]

Multi-color glyphs (layered glyphs) are only supported by a very few applications running under Windows 10. There is no such thing available for Android.

17/10/2016 a las 20:39  [respuesta]  Merging fonts [Android]

With any font editor you can do this. Provided you understand how to and more important, provided you have permission from the authors.

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