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29/10/2016 a las 15:01  [respuesta]  cherche police cylindrique

But is not a cop.

29/10/2016 a las 12:38  [respuesta]  cherche police cylindrique

That daaams, will not bring a shining copper. Alas ...

28/10/2016 a las 22:11  [respuesta]  cherche police cylindrique

mumble ...

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28/10/2016 a las 19:11  [respuesta]  cherche police cylindrique

I'm afraid Ursulman doesn't know the difference between a font and clip-art.

28/10/2016 a las 17:36  [respuesta]  cherche police cylindrique

When, Ursulman, you are looking for a font that shows structures as you show above, stop searching. Time lost.

28/10/2016 a las 15:02  [respuesta]  Design Logo

27/10/2016 a las 14:12  [respuesta]  font codifica cid

I found the CID code, the postscript cid findfont name, can be found in the font's extended properties.

I don't know much, if not nothing, about postscript fonts. I never made one. But did you try this?

27/10/2016 a las 13:44  [respuesta]  font codifica cid

daniela, Google translate makes a mess of this. Can you repost in English?

26/10/2016 a las 01:15  [respuesta]  How to make a font???

It said "without software". Without is without. And it can not be done without software. Be it off-line or on-line.
Even when it wants to return to letterpress it will still need the CAM software for the cutting.

25/10/2016 a las 20:04  [respuesta]  Typography Selection Criteria

Abraham, you will be surprised how many fonts there are out there - including many professional fonts - that have no kerning pairs.
Before someone starts mumbling, this does of course not concern connected glyphs fonts such as handwriting and so.

When the advance widths are set smartly the need for kerning is minimal. It is all about how the eye perceives it. The distance between two characters with a vertical stem on both the left and right side, needs to be wider than the distance between two characters that are round.

Rule of thumb: when the distance between, let's say an l and an l = 80 then the distance between an o and an o is 40 and the distance between an l and an o is 60. These are example numbers only just to give an indication. The designer decides how wide or narrow the letter spacing should be.
Ergo the white space left and right for the l is 40 and the white space left and right of an o is 20. Result, the distance between l and o is 40 plus 20 is 60 and-so-on.

Once this rule of thumb applied only a small number of letter pairs need fine tuning, kerning. Think of Ta and so. There are who also apply kerning for capital letters where the distance between L and V (negative kerning) for example is different from L and I.
But kerning for capital letter pairs is only relevant for those who who shout. And those shall be ignored, right?

Claudeserieux will be able to tell you whether or not free programs like TypeLight and FontForge have a kerning tool. I stick to Font Creator. But often the choice of software is based on what one is used to.

And not only software says Ronald Trump

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25/10/2016 a las 12:25  [respuesta]  Typography Selection Criteria

Maybe Abraham confuses kerning with advance width?

25/10/2016 a las 12:11  [respuesta]  Typography Selection Criteria

Abraham can you show me one with - in your opinion - correct kerning?

Menhir, I also think maybe paulinejulia does not realize she is not downloading a ttf but a zip.
The old hide extension for known file types issue.

24/10/2016 a las 18:50  [respuesta]  Convert .fon/.fnt

My very first search showed 3 conversion sites.

McAfee does not like your TinyUpload link.

24/10/2016 a las 18:11  [respuesta]  Typography Selection Criteria

In your one font here on dafont Abraham, Calculative, I can not find any kerning at all. Also no creator info. And, question, why is it a symbol font?

24/10/2016 a las 15:50  [respuesta]  Font name?

1992 Just van Rossum, Letterror, StampGothic.
1995 SWFTE International, Ltd. Inkbleed.
2002 Starla_Milan de Jong, tsp adore 2.

24/10/2016 a las 15:15  [respuesta]  identificacion de esta tipografia?

Fuente identificada: Windsong

24/10/2016 a las 15:04  [respuesta]  popular catogories font URGENT

Fuente identificada: Berkshire Swash

24/10/2016 a las 15:00  [respuesta]  name need urgent

Badly hand cut.

Fuente sugerida: Artistik

24/10/2016 a las 14:33  [respuesta]  whats the name of this font?

Stretched from here to eternity.

Fuente identificada: Crillee

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