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18/09/2016 a las 21:58  [respuesta]  I am looking for a font...

Like TV subtitles?

18/09/2016 a las 21:21  [respuesta]  I am looking for a font...

Yep. But Ilava wanted a ready teddy font with his property

18/09/2016 a las 18:43  [respuesta]  TRON

Why what?

18/09/2016 a las 15:07  [respuesta]  I am looking for a font...

Says Font Creators help:
As revealed at the Microsoft Build Developer Conference in June 2013, Windows 8.1 comes with a revolutionary extension to the OpenType font standard, which introduces multi-color fonts. The technology which is both simple and powerful uses multi-layer glyphs which are in essence scalable outlines that are rendered and processed like any other character, except each layer has its own color.


The beauty of the color extension, is that the fonts will continue to work like any other font on devices and systems that donít support the extension yet. That is why it is strongly recommended to always include the base outlines for each glyph (used as fallback in case color fonts are not supported, or not wanted in a particular situation).

I doubt if there are a lot of fonts around that have implemented this feature and I doubt even more that would be one as you describe, let alone the letter design you want.

So, in the end, you will have to make one yourself. Good luck. You'll need it.

17/09/2016 a las 20:31  [respuesta]  Log in username change?

Hi Lauen, may I suggest you ask for something related to your name? May be useful when you finally decide to go commercial.
Technically changing your name should not be a problem. Fred - admin - changed his username from drf to frd.

Editado el 17/09/2016 a las 23:22 por koeiekat

15/09/2016 a las 17:39  [respuesta]  Can't get download button to work

drphilforreal, not too long after writing the above the same thin happened to me. It took 11 minutes to connect to a site in Holland and dafont gave a reset by server - try again - during that time. So, you see it is not just dafont. It is network congestion.

15/09/2016 a las 16:31  [respuesta]  Can't get download button to work

The trouble, drphilforreal, is with your internet connection (and rarely with the dafont server). When this happens the connection is too slow. This can be an overloaded WiFi connection or an overload on your connection with your isp which puts you at the end of the queue or an overload on the dafont internet connection. This latter would be a very rare occasion.
The same happens to me and not only with dafont. I am at the very end of the line with a max speed of 3Mb download (theoretical, practice is max 2,2Mb) which I have to share with the whole village plus the next village, last but one in the line. This leads to congestion and I, last in the line, am the first one to notice. If I try again after half an hour often, almost always, the problem has gone.

08/09/2016 a las 16:29  [respuesta]  Converting FontCreator Project to TTF?

Now, when you download a demo ... what do you think you will get? A full version?

08/09/2016 a las 13:19  [respuesta]  Debussy

I go for Brendel.

08/09/2016 a las 00:20  [respuesta]  Debussy

True Claude. And that is about where it ends. Comparing VAG and Volkswagen (Whoever came up with the name Volkswagen for the rip-off?), Volkswagen is a clear rip-off with the usual slight alterations, common those years.

Elaborating on Alfred1234's question, Debussy/Volkswagen is around as ... as usual no guarantee the list is complete ...

Valken, FontBank
Debussy, Dieter Steffmann, Fantazia Fonts and Sounds
Debussy-Lengyar, A.Mendoza/M.Kloczewiak
Volkswagen, B & P Graphics, SoftMaker, Veronika Elsner, Guenther Flake
RolandBecker, SoftMaker
Anja Eliane, Edson & Eliane, Expert Softeware
Adera Display, Southern Software

07/09/2016 a las 21:41  [respuesta]  Debussy

Dunno ...

The Q of the Type1 version. Made as to be expected from Dieter Steffmann. The ttf here on dafont is a - let's say - not so well done conversion.
Still a copy of the VAG.

07/09/2016 a las 19:42  [respuesta]  Debussy

Server not found

Provided the character advance settings have been done with care there is no need for kearning pairs for all character combinations, is there?

Kerning is not done by character but by caracter pair. Did you mean character advance settings (right and left bearings)?

07/09/2016 a las 01:13  [respuesta]  Debussy

And so on ...

I see.

"one of the letters being cut off"

06/09/2016 a las 23:18  [respuesta]  Debussy

Isn't Volkswagen a copy of VAG? Softmaker for heaven's sake!

Did you solve that ascender decender issue?

In that case pick the font you like and ask the author to add the S-caron and s-caron.

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