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14/03/2018 a las 02:09  [respuesta]  Retro WWOS (Australia)

Big bump.

"You're Gone" (on this site) is close but newer than the sample.

04/08/2015 a las 09:52  [respuesta]  Recognise Font Please

Looks like ITC Avant Garde to me.

Fuente identificada: Avant Garde

04/08/2015 a las 09:49  [respuesta]  Help please

What you have there is a defaced version of Bauhaus.
You might already have it on your system

Fuente sugerida: Bauhaus

04/08/2015 a las 09:44  [respuesta]  joes racing products

Either that or Microgramma

Fuente sugerida: Microgramma

Editado el 04/08/2015 a las 15:51 por drf

06/04/2015 a las 08:47  [respuesta]  Bold font?

Might be Futura ExtraBlack Condensed, although it looks a bit wider.

06/04/2015 a las 08:15  [respuesta]  Fix it Felix Jr. Menu iOS

Spacing looks a bit different (tighter) but it looks like a Commodore 64 font, I recognise those letter shapes anywhere.
Also try Googling for "Commodore Fonts" as there are fonts for old C64 games, VIC and PET systems, Amiga etc.

Fuente sugerida: Commodore 64 Pixelized

06/04/2015 a las 08:03  [post initial]  Retro WWOS (Australia)

Old font used by Channel 9's Wide World of Sports logo circa 1980 to 1992. I think the 9 logo itself is from the same font. Not hopeful of finding it but my thanks in advance

20/09/2011 a las 05:08  [post initial]  Hawthorn - the Hawks

20/09/2011 a las 05:06  [post initial]  Melbourne Football Club

20/09/2011 a las 04:59  [post initial]  West Coast Eagles

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