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09/05/2013 a las 07:54  [post initial]  Goodman Fielder

I need to know the fond of the company name on the left, not the big green "g"

Thanks so much for any help

30/10/2012 a las 02:58  [respuesta]  pluckfastic

thankyou thankyou adam!

30/10/2012 a las 01:29  [post initial]  pluckfastic

I need to find the most similar font I can to this one:

05/03/2011 a las 16:30  [respuesta]  Old Font

thankyou thankyou thankyou

You are my hero

I could swear that last night there were only like 5 pages of "Gothic - Various" and this wasn't there

I must be going batty

05/03/2011 a las 06:16  [post initial]  Old Font

Thanks so much if you can help. I could swear I got this font on this site ages ago, just reinstalled windows and forgot to save all the fonts and now I can't find it again.

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