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01/11/2021 a las 04:40  [post initial]  " ペッコプ " ?

I do not speak Japanese

i assume that my other fonts (without using copyrighted vectors) are still in validation somehow

frd ha dicho  
It is still in the process of being verified.

how bout now? 2 months later

15/09/2021 a las 07:27  [post initial]  this

07/09/2021 a las 09:33  [respuesta]  Font Similar to Archive Garfield

jerseygirl ha dicho  
@donshottype, I think he wants a free font.

If he's willing to pay $24.95 for the lookalike,
he mmight as well pay $19.95 for the real thing

thats obviously a remake

i wanna know if my font "Boblox Classic" has been declined? can anyone here tell me?

02/08/2021 a las 03:37  [post initial]  ProtoHub font?

Editado el 02/08/2021 a las 08:14 por frd

frd ha dicho  
I'm sorry to say your fonts haven't been reviewed yet.

have mine been reviewed yet?

21/06/2021 a las 23:43  [respuesta]  wii Font ??

Fuente sugerida: Wii Sans V2.1

frd ha dicho  
ripoof ha dicho  
how to fonts get reviewed anyways? what goes on during that time?

You mentioned previously that you didn't want your submissions to be reviewed:

Did you change your mind?

No I did not change my mind, also that isn't what I asked. I wanted to know what you do when you are reviewing fonts. By the way I submitted two fonts after I wanted my previous fonts not to be reviewed, so I would like to get my newer fonts reviewed instead of my older ones.

how to fonts get reviewed anyways? what goes on during that time?

28/05/2021 a las 08:01  [respuesta]  decline my own fonts myself?

frd ha dicho  
I've added a note to your account and submissions.


28/05/2021 a las 01:45  [respuesta]  decline my own fonts myself?

frd ha dicho  
What exactly would you like to do? Remove your existing font or cancel the submission of your other fonts?

cancel the submission of my other fonts

27/05/2021 a las 22:37  [post initial]  decline my own fonts myself?

I have improved in font design over the past month or so, and I noticed one of my first not so good fonts finally got accepted (I am remaking it by the way). Is there anyway I can decline my own fonts? Or can an admin decline all of them for me?

27/05/2021 a las 22:30  [respuesta]  Shops on etsy are selling your fonts!

I've seen stuff like this all over the internet, how is anyone gonna be able to take them down?

05/02/2021 a las 18:36  [respuesta]  Pizza Hut font?

gen3228 its not a font its a fan made font

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