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A narrow version of Arial will do the trick!

10/10/2017 a las 11:44  [respuesta]  What font are these?


Fuente identificada: Congratulations

10/10/2017 a las 09:07  [respuesta]  How to use font?

Hi, you should check this link:

You're welcome! Yes of course, you can submit your font again once the kerning has been fixed.

Hi, it wasn't uploaded because of a major kerning issue.

08/10/2017 a las 18:29  [respuesta]  The picture does not show up

Hi, that's because the background image you used is a very low quality jpeg.

06/10/2017 a las 13:21  [respuesta]  [ Identification ] Need Help ASAP

It is a commercial font so if you need to use it, you have to buy it.

04/10/2017 a las 22:40  [respuesta]  Font not accepted? why?

@tinomendes, you're welcome! I'll check your new version tomorrow and I'll get back to you by private message if you don't mind.

03/10/2017 a las 18:27  [respuesta]  Font not accepted? why?

No worries! The time it takes to upload new fonts is completely random, and depends on so many factors. Unfortunately, we are humans so sometimes it takes more time.

The problem with your kerning is that some pairs are not kerned properly (not enough kerning, mostly). You can work it out if you want, that shouldn't be a problem.

03/10/2017 a las 14:51  [respuesta]  Font not accepted? why?


First of all, please don't submit your font several times, it makes everything more complicated for us. I understand the frustration but please, once is enough. Unfortunately, we usually don't send emails when a font is not accepted, unless it is a font with only a specific minor problem that can be easily corrected. Your font is currently being reviewed. I can't say if it will be in the next update or not because it has some major kerning problems.

About the time it takes, we have been dealing with a lot of work recently, and well, there was summer and people were on holidays. Sorry about that.

28/09/2017 a las 11:37  [respuesta]  Cycled

Fuente identificada: Bukhari Script

28/09/2017 a las 09:26  [respuesta]  From a CD released in 1996 (SOLVED)

Next time, if you find the answer to your own topic, please answer in the box below

Fuente identificada: Disturbance

27/09/2017 a las 15:00  [respuesta]  Comford

27/09/2017 a las 11:08  [respuesta]  Comford

Fuente identificada: Harabara Mais

26/09/2017 a las 11:12  [respuesta]  "planetary duality" font?

Fuente identificada: Defused

Fuente identificada: Frenchy

30/08/2017 a las 11:56  [respuesta]  What font for this (2 font they use)

rasydansaaya ha dicho  
How can i get free?

It's a commercial font, if you need to use it, you have to buy it.

It's a commercial font, if you need to use it, you'll have to buy it.

25/08/2017 a las 15:57  [respuesta]  What is this font Please

Have you checked the first link fonatica gave you? It shows the alternate characters.

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23/08/2017 a las 16:11  [respuesta]  Google Logo Font

Fuente identificada: Product Sans

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