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02/05/2019 a las 07:16  [respuesta]  Looking for the font in capitals

Thanks onsite_signguy. After thorough searching I've found it again. It's called multicolore

Fuente identificada: Multicolore

02/05/2019 a las 07:11  [respuesta]  I have enough shoes

Thank you!!!

01/05/2019 a las 21:00  [post initial]  I have enough shoes

Me again... my PC died and I've lost all my favourite fonts :-(

Can anyone help to identify the font used for "I have enough shoes"?


01/05/2019 a las 20:57  [post initial]  Looking for the font in capitals

Hi everyone. Can you help me identify the font used in this photo? The red text in capitals? Thanks!

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