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18/07/2018 a las 18:51  [post initial]  Please help!!!!!!!!!!

The zip code wont load and its giving me a blank page! We just changed the wifi and it still wont work. I have an iphone. Is there something wrong with my phone? How can I download a font?

18/07/2018 a las 15:07  [post initial]  What fonts are these two?


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09/07/2018 a las 02:10  [post initial]  The page doesnt load

I need urgent help. When I hit download to download a font is takes me to a page where it is a huge column/paragraph of random signs and letters instead of showing me open in phonto. It wont let me out of it. It doesnt load the zip and gives me this:

TXjł>Ug_]y] -a?P \PFU>@G$ޮ_}B}#}jLr$gˇ$h\  lss$!L%*X[ZKLz$^ ~HNzUޯSyB-Ŀm_ 4 N  uYS;O]|'铽X۱hEG[+ }, $[j;4`(\d])ݜbü̲|s%V挱V{O3;YSW?]YQTa|>@mh}#?ޤ'闙c,d]χDŽbZ|Mjcr5fJS޶퀎q7U-δ?]s\wYqzʞS^;}շշտ Vs Dt2QR> 'R\@٭/њuvtd.P-HN D C 'm{P6c02ǘgפA.Q"\=(Ke ♶ +xͧ$է})#f'32Sj ε*K \DsEmkbF`O0}2qoYS;2iD:(fwm$%&p2oևqjbXcȵc)d총Zhmmv)n)=Zw | d@$ slD{{4pEzqǒO:tѩZ!r岩@K'J /jI(K+ z˾mkv- K%Y 1,epD@gU9W7 u,ru?qWU#CU5F/ mX,ȩAb"0t ZJ`MX 2E/~ ,_| d7/sfSm #N&0=-Il䎧O@%_e wgoUwOWh6`|lb1 <+1dDby/2X]>9+ g>ި5M:yQiSÉļ֎^ C%h(/kzucez 4 JӟkZ$` 0rN[w!hH ϟES^0k+·#Xfнo_uiuOԮ"1sG[ @3@d+v?;QcghSTMe,ul 24NÏLix#;_m'xv͋]f( 4kMYֽ.8:gT=pDl5QsR'8l{e$Y<F$š̰AO~?4{Ѻ'4WY?MAC$b{f9i `h+$>i'b^!TfKEqu9g/Iw-J0`Mnw9M" <xMkVN$\<J0z9+b E%ݙGޥ\Q@"`xlk\%n- _~=4+Wv޷lJv'7GׯirnmRu;O=v{q|-~6\,E@$\MGmSmɖ/Ou~ES&zb2Lcs6eT M&H侢yw~e&.zOڦf |:НjW͈}#  }+/~_Yf`T)N;؇ 20 հjÙbs6jxöy\:y"+=*V <]ʡ"2uW ע&O>lTx4\!p A}2 $_`,!N?5y$ $%ǧpH$@"lQ,b\/Ur/A5ϰ& ¦ {d0Z@"(XU2@ʊd 6GS4>ne )uW@b!u6$ҥfoųN?R]$%wXHʟtI|pRJk+.K 3 Z;o8`~YXqߍWag&IsR%gޡahX~ 9`6JET [%!iw=?ȖnpG=h}75x_E:&8eZzMAJ+vd 3Kd;yb2a>XEbkM8#`8^q4 6<tkkVxYtM,i]Up[ŝr UD?Bc%6n5a/6{ẑp$AbȓwW/'Dz-rI@0iY]Z,Cg`|0Ѹt !D醃i1,FRÙV̟+-!xtHV=3ϏaNΛ;\t> D/!OKWIZ9_ !5ү0 Эޔ{}x?~L `&00b*M<F6>afjagq>@&++X !0PmIL,CU;C*9ӻ\w!ZAfmVAn5=@d$k P^N YeVzOOHdhI5R^- %ܐΗ/ klsmSΎ 7# ?q6#^7,l`GտJV'8K,!zcDc AC0y5Y>̪N^a<* ݁5OXFG9Y$&*Y9O2hfs=ViZ #ZN,g Grt[b*=s}IJ]u 8[ɞ?y.xZR%o8@ӄ GVLo8ђy xwPCdY8u-1AfM{3Z@@Y=9 42J(>`ye7-"l"A љ ʀ_z-%oHjHðup sb=;\59q,Gj{ 9ݴeŁ񘾬ZK12mLꘒ me212kD#%<@ ?4CqhcX

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