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07/01/2020 a las 13:43  [respuesta]  Failed uploads - need some help

Thanks a lot! <3

I also reuploaded Famosa.

06/01/2020 a las 20:59  [respuesta]  Failed uploads - need some help

Hello again,

Lovebeat was rejected again. But I did as you told me: I created a glyph with the name of the font on exclamdown U00A1.
Should I include an description txt file to tell you about it by uploading? What should I do better?

06/01/2020 a las 12:23  [respuesta]  Failed uploads - need some help

Thanks a lot for the prompt answer. I uploaded Lovebeat again with such a glyph. I will then reupload Cosima and Famosa, too because the upload then probably drowned within all the new fonts.

Thanks again!

06/01/2020 a las 05:12  [post initial]  Failed uploads - need some help

Hi there,

I am struggling to upload fonts several times and it's like looking for the needle in a haystack.

Most fonts were rejected because of vertical metrics issues, while others have been approved successfully. I tried to fill the metrics with the same strategy like the approved ones.

This time my new font "Lovebeat" was rejected because of kerning issues. The only thing which I found, that maybe too many kern pairs are included because I exported a limited glyph set (and a few visual issues as well). But this doesn't seem to me like a serious upload problem. I just uploaded a new version, but maybe you can provide some more specific information, too?

At least the vertical metrics seem to be okay this time. If yes, then I finally know about that problem.

Thanks a lot in advance (and happy new year)!

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