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hello, can anyone tell me the two fonts used in this sleeve? thank you very much

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12/05/2019 a las 21:41  [respuesta]  font?


12/05/2019 a las 21:22  [post initial]  font?

can someone help me identify this font? thanks!

10/08/2018 a las 16:36  [respuesta]  SOAP&SKIN font

20121994 ha dicho  

that's pretty similar but not the exact one (note the P), thank you though!

09/08/2018 a las 13:13  [post initial]  SOAP&SKIN font

does anyone know the font used on this logo? thanks in advance.

11/12/2017 a las 12:56  [post initial]  nico "the end..." font

thanks in advance.

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28/11/2017 a las 00:03  [post initial]  nico desertshore font

help, please? thanks in advance.

10/10/2017 a las 15:05  [post initial]  alasdair roberts font

thanks in advance!

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