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What is this font please ?

08/09/2010 a las 12:59

What is this font please ?

What is this font please ?

08/09/2010 a las 17:22

is it a romanian font ?

08/09/2010 a las 23:38

I do not know but please help me find out font

08/09/2010 a las 23:39

help me

08/09/2010 a las 23:55

Which language is it?

09/09/2010 a las 00:43

is written in Romanian

09/09/2010 a las 00:44

help me to identify this font please

09/09/2010 a las 00:48

font is written in Romanian but not know its name.Help mee please

09/09/2010 a las 09:20

asking 50 times in 1 hour to help you find the font won't help... Please be patient, it sometimes take time to figure out.

09/09/2010 a las 15:08


10/09/2010 a las 19:48

can help someone to discover this font because I needed it?

11/09/2010 a las 02:30

mada9, if someone recognizes the font, they will tell you what it is, or they will suggest one similar.

Here's a page on Luc Devroye's site:

about Romanian font designers. It's very likely that the person who designed the font you're looking for is Romanian. You'll have to go through the links yourself, though.

You're asking about a font that, very likely, no one else who posts in this forum has, nor wants. Bumping up your own thread to ask the same question over and over makes other people less likely to want to help you, as did your creation of a second thread, asking the same question. I deleted that one. Being a forum moderator has its' privileges, as well as its' responsibilities.


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