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cute bubblish font

10/04/2011 a las 21:30

the text by the needle that says "are you sleepy?" please?
its not the font called Cheri. its something else. thank you.

cute bubblish font

Fuentes identificadas

Too Much Paper!  Sugerido por rocamaco 
Trashco  Sugerido por rocamaco 
Jane Austen  Sugerido por wtfskyx 

10/04/2011 a las 21:33

Fuente identificada: Trashco

10/04/2011 a las 21:36

I'm talking about the font under 'jane austen'
Fuente identificada: Jane Austen

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10/04/2011 a las 21:37

wtfskyx ha dicho  
thats not the font i was looking for, but thanks. im talking about the font under 'jane austen'

sorry I readed now...

10/04/2011 a las 21:44

lol it's alright, thank you for trying atleast<3

10/04/2011 a las 22:41

Fuente identificada: Too Much Paper!

12/04/2011 a las 23:10

thank you (:

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