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30/03/2013 a las 13:24


Fuente identificada

Fonecian Alternative  Sugerido por pilaster 

30/03/2013 a las 14:15

Whoo hooo. Haven't plugged a Ten Dollar Font in a while…
I'm assuming you want the 'ALONE'
Fuente identificada: Fonecian Alternative

30/03/2013 a las 14:39


30/03/2013 a las 18:04

What about the other font in "The Upbeats"?

30/03/2013 a las 18:13

Looks a bit 'Gothamy' to me…
…but if you want a 100% ID, find us a larger sample and post that as a new request.

31/03/2013 a las 23:21

I'm sure it is Gotham. That's a very common nice font these days. Just google "Gotham font free" and you can find a download for it somewhere. That's what I did.

01/04/2013 a las 05:54


01/04/2013 a las 06:12

where can i get fonecian free?!

01/04/2013 a las 10:12

In prison !

02/04/2013 a las 15:54


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