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Live Laugh Love Font

22/03/2013 a las 04:47

Trying to find a font like this.

Live Laugh Love Font

Fuente identificada

Mussica Swash  Sugerido por rocamaco 

22/03/2013 a las 04:56

Fuente identificada: Mussica Swash

22/03/2013 a las 05:40

Thanks. Do you know where a free version of the font is?

22/03/2013 a las 05:42

There's NO legit free version of this font...

22/03/2013 a las 05:45

Well that sucks. How about a look a like or a not so legit version!?!?

22/03/2013 a las 05:46

22/03/2013 a las 05:54

I tried that one and the "g" looks good but the rest doesn't work. Might have to get the lady to just buy the font if she wants the vinyl cut. lol

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