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Font Please

19/03/2013 a las 16:43

Font Please

Fuente identificada

Gill Sans  Sugerido por Tomás Silcher 

Fuente sugerida

Keep Calm  Sugerido por dakshinamurti 

19/03/2013 a las 16:47

Fuente identificada: Gill Sans

19/03/2013 a las 17:12

Thanks Tomas Just correct your opinion.


19/03/2013 a las 17:15

the font for the keep calm meme is called Keep Calm.
Fuente sugerida: Keep Calm

Editado el 19/03/2013 a las 17:21 por drf_

19/03/2013 a las 17:18

dakshinamurti - you have located a wonderful face - and it was probably designed for the KEEP CALM series of things we've been bombarded with on the internet - but if you look closely you will see the letters do not match up. Obvious in the "C"

19/03/2013 a las 18:13

You're right I just think if one is doing a keep calm poster, it«s probably a good idea to either go with the correct typeface or just totally reinvent it. There's not much point in closely mimicking it I have loads of keep calm designs loaded to my Teelook webshop and yeah, it's great that that type is available for free (the first one)

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