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Cookies font

01/04/2011 a las 16:20


I'd like to use the font "Cookies" (in Fancy > Cartoon) for a company logo.
However, neither author nor license is indicated. There is also no readme-file
or author's website, or any other kind of contact information.

Does that mean it's free? Do you guys think it's okay for me to use this font

Best regards,

- Jin

01/04/2011 a las 16:28

I'd say yes.

Couldn't find any author or license either, on several websites.

02/04/2011 a las 16:24

maybe try to message him on here. I'd say yeah though

02/04/2011 a las 23:50

TaylorTheSkater ha dicho  
maybe try to message him on here. ...

... now how would that be done?

03/04/2011 a las 11:28

hm... okay, thanks. i guess i'll just run the risk.

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