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Please Help Finding Font

31/03/2011 a las 23:34


I am making a sign for a customer and need to know the font of his business name. I asked if he knew and he had no idea. Please someone help.

Thank you,

Please Help Finding Font

Fuentes identificadas

Team Spirit  Sugerido por rocamaco 
Peignot Bold  Sugerido por rocamaco 

31/03/2011 a las 23:38

"Euro Car"
Fuente identificada: Team Spirit

Editado el 31/03/2011 a las 23:42 por rocamaco

31/03/2011 a las 23:42

"Body Shop Inc."
Fuente identificada: Peignot Bold

01/04/2011 a las 00:55

Sorry, Euro Car.

01/04/2011 a las 01:02

TruthGraphics ha dicho  
Sorry, Euro Car.


01/04/2011 a las 01:32

Thank you so much Rocamaco.

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