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what font?

02/03/2013 a las 23:52

I'd love it if someone could help me identify this font. I tried running it through WhatTheFont, but I guess it's not working because it's cursive and thus harder to distinguish between the characters.

the image is taken from Kendi Everyday's header, just for the record [which makes me think it's not a free web font]. I'd love to know what font this is! I just think it's pretty.

please and thank you!

what font?

Fuente identificada

Capistrano BF  Sugerido por rocamaco 

03/03/2013 a las 00:25

Using alternates...
Fuente identificada: Capistrano BF

Editado el 03/03/2013 a las 00:26 por rocamaco

04/03/2013 a las 16:13

thank you!

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