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School of Rock Font?

02/09/2010 a las 18:04

The School of Rock logo/font is similar to the Rolling Stone font, except more square. Does anyone know of a font similar to school of rock or can someone make one?

thanks for your help!

School of Rock Font?

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02/09/2010 a las 18:15

You should have read this. You had the chance!

And, yes, I can make you one. An exclusive just for you. It'll cost you € 5000. OK?

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02/09/2010 a las 23:21

OK smartass. What makes you think that I didn't read that, since it doesn't exactly solve my problem, now does it? Always nice to point someone to a question that doesn't answer their question but happens to ask the same thing. Ever think there are changes or updates? People come up with new fonts everyday.

Oh, and BTW... I wouldn't pay $.50 to such an unprofessional douche bag to do anything for me.

Thanks for your non-help. Have a lovely day.

02/09/2010 a las 23:54

Suffering from an attitude problem my dear?

03/09/2010 a las 04:23

Suffering from an ego problem, love?

Oooh wait, I get it. You have nothing better to do than spend time on the internet being rude to people. mmm... I feel sorry for you. I'll pray for you.
Hang in there... life does get better.

03/09/2010 a las 12:21

hey man.
First, you should show us an image, because i really don't know what you're talking about when you talk about "school of rock".
Fortunatley, Kat gave us a link...
on this link, you have the answer to your question. So what's the problem ?

Regarding his second answer, creating a font takes a lot of time, so if you want someone to make a special font for you, i think it's normal you'll have to pay.
So please don't answer so badly to the people who are trying to help you

you did the same shit here :
using a forum is quite easy : use the search feature, and ONLY if you don't find your answer, then ask.
If you don't find the answer on the forum, you can always use this link :
It will provide you a great pleasure if you find the answer by yourself, and it will spare a lot of time for the people who are trying to help.
That's basic rules... and it works in the real life too...

03/09/2010 a las 14:43

@ aeroberator: All the help you can get on any Internet message board is in that thread on abstractfonts. Probably the best way to solve your problem would be to hire Jim Parkinson to do the lettering for you. If someone else did it, Jim would have grounds for a lawsuit. Fonts have limitations. Royal Acidbath is as close as you're going to get.

03/09/2010 a las 21:10

Most probably the best way for aeroberator to solve its problem is to lite it's short fuse and then ... don't move

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03/09/2010 a las 21:20

@metaphasebrothel: Thank you very much for your help. That was the kind of information that is clear, useful and helpful.

@daaams: my only point was it's not necessary to be rude. It's similar to someone stopping for directions to a place not well known and perhaps not even on a map and one saying, "Why didn't you look at the map? You had the chance. duh, I can't believe you can't figure it out for yourself... now off you go." I had read all the other posts at the OTHER website, but thought maybe all the well-informed, helpful people over here would be able to offer more/new info. And yes, I did point out the rudeness on the other site as I was surprised that they were being so harsh and bully-ish. After all, the point of answering a forum post is to be helpful, right? So imagine my surprise when I was met with the same attitude over here that they gave that other person. Maybe it's the font building community, but I'd like to think not.
Anywho, this shall be my last post on the matter (applause, right?). Thank you for your insight.

Oh, and @Rodolphe: thanks for posting the visual

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03/09/2010 a las 21:27

04/09/2010 a las 01:18

@ aeroberator: I think it was assumed that you and "chumak" and/or "school of rock" from the abstactfonts forum post are the same person. Your last post indicates that this is not the case. I think it's unreasonable to expect someone to be familiar with discussions on another site's message board. Keep in mind, though that forum moderators can see the IP addresses of people who post on message boards, and I think there is one person who is a mod on both sites, (it's not someone who has posted in this thread).

~bito, (one of several dafont forum mods).

04/09/2010 a las 02:14

metaphasebrothel ha dicho  
@ aeroberator: I think it was assumed that you and "chumak" and/or "school of rock" from the abstactfonts forum post are the same person.
~bito, (one of several dafont forum mods).

Nope, I am only me... no one else. promise. But thanks for clearing up the confusion. I have no ulterior motive.... just trying to find a font. Again, thanks for your help.

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