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A plain font with a capital "I" that has horizontal arms?

15/02/2013 a las 19:57

Arial, verdana, etc, all have capital "I's" that look like l's. Is there a font that is plain, with small to no serifs, that has capital i's that look like - I?

15/02/2013 a las 20:23

Those arms on a capital "I" are... serifs. That's why you're running into issues. For the most part, and for most major fonts, you'll only see those arms on serifed fonts.

16/02/2013 a las 00:45

As in...Times New Roman, for example.

16/02/2013 a las 03:20

There are innumerable sans serif fonts where uc /I has arms.

For one:
Harcourt Education/HeinemannSpecial-Roman [[]]

Here are some more names -- other than the armed /I and being sans serif I know nothing about any of them:

Krebs, Manuel/Replica-Mono
Kreative Software/Miranda 25
A Lee/Ongdalsam
Global Village/FocalPoint On Line
Excalibur Monospace

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