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2 Fonts?

12/02/2013 a las 20:43

So I can tell that the "Swim" is in the font Optima, but I'm a little confused on the
"Strong" and "SKG." Does anyone know what fonts these two are?

2 Fonts?

Fuentes identificadas

Archery Black Rounded  Sugerido por SexyElvis7 
Academic M54  Sugerido por SexyElvis7 

12/02/2013 a las 21:00

Archery Black Rounded for SKG
Fuente identificada: Archery Black Rounded

12/02/2013 a las 21:02

Academic M54 for STRONG
Fuente identificada: Academic M54

Editado el 12/02/2013 a las 21:03 por SexyElvis7

12/02/2013 a las 21:24

WOW! Thanks a ton!

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