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Thrasher _Magazine_ font

09/02/2013 a las 11:26

I know the "thrasher" font is banco, but what font is used for "Magazine"?

Thrasher _Magazine_ font

Fuentes sugeridas

Zinger Italic  Sugerido por fonatica 
Banco  Sugerido por fmontpetit 

23/08/2013 a las 03:35

Let's get it on. Banco ain't it.

23/08/2013 a las 04:39

tommytowne ha dicho  
Let's get it on. Banco ain't it.

23/08/2013 a las 04:49

SashiX ha dicho  
tommytowne ha dicho  
Let's get it on. Banco ain't it.


23/08/2013 a las 05:38

Why do you think so?

23/08/2013 a las 08:08

SashiX ha dicho  
Why do you think so?

Yeah, the thrasher font is banco, but I asked what the font for "MAGAZINE" was.

23/08/2013 a las 08:16

Banco is not the font used for the word "magazine" in the image.

23/08/2013 a las 11:09

Thank you Captain Obvious!

23/08/2013 a las 18:47

Drf derp. At least you didn't repost a thread. Nice paying attention. Now if a person able to identify fonts can respond this thread will be golden.

23/08/2013 a las 18:52

Fuente sugerida: Banco

Editado el 23/08/2013 a las 18:53 por fmontpetit

23/08/2013 a las 19:11

@fmontpetit: Tell me you did that on purpose

@tommytowne: You have posted a request. The same request was already posted. How could we know that you used the search engine to check that your request wasn't already answered? You should have said "I have performed a search on Dafont but seems like nobody has been able to find out this font". So pointing out to other threads makes sense when 99% of the people don't search before posting.

Then what's the use of "bumping" other topics? I don't see any. Check your thread daily, bump it if needed, and maybe an answer will come.

23/08/2013 a las 19:13

23/08/2013 a las 19:37

Assclowns. I will keep bumping until a professional sees the thread. Losers

23/08/2013 a las 19:59


23/08/2013 a las 20:07


19/09/2013 a las 22:05

1. Related in appearance or nature; alike though not identical.
Fuente sugerida: Zinger Italic

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