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Need Help

05/02/2013 a las 06:08

Need help identifying the two fonts in this logo.
Please and Thank You.

Need Help

Fuentes identificadas

Brush Script  Sugerido por rocamaco 
Bauer Bodoni Roman  Sugerido por rocamaco 

05/02/2013 a las 06:10

Fuente identificada: Brush Script

05/02/2013 a las 06:18

Fuente identificada: Bauer Bodoni Roman

05/02/2013 a las 06:21

thanks Rocamaco, I don't seem do find the variant that puts there letters close together like it is. for the Bodoni font.

05/02/2013 a las 06:23

Look at the apostrophe, that make me think about they manually changed the spacing / kerning and added a little of weight to all...

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05/02/2013 a las 06:31


05/02/2013 a las 06:59

Would anyone be able to match the apostrophe?

05/02/2013 a las 07:31

The apostrophe matches, you only must change the tracking...

05/02/2013 a las 07:35

that's what i get from downloading the font from the wrong site, getting it from here where you linked me, now. lol

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