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Bathroom Sign

26/01/2013 a las 07:20


I would like to make this bathroom sign for my graduate school apartment but I don't know what fonts were used. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Bathroom Sign

Fuentes identificadas

Arabic Typesetting  Sugerido por 1wildflower 
Brush Script  Sugerido por rocamaco 
Stencil  Sugerido por rocamaco 
An Unfortunate Event  Sugerido por rocamaco 
ITC Avant Garde Gothic Book  Sugerido por rocamaco 
Onyx  Sugerido por rocamaco 
Pea Devon  Sugerido por 1wildflower 
Pea Kristen  Sugerido por 1wildflower 

26/01/2013 a las 14:55

Fuente identificada: Brush Script

26/01/2013 a las 14:56

Fuente identificada: Stencil

26/01/2013 a las 14:57

Fuente identificada: An Unfortunate Event

26/01/2013 a las 14:58

Fuente identificada: ITC Avant Garde Gothic Book

26/01/2013 a las 14:59

Fuente identificada: Onyx

26/01/2013 a las 17:47

Wow! I thought that was a long shot. You are a master font identifier!!!

27/01/2013 a las 05:38

(I tested it out in Photoshop)
Fuente identificada: Pea Devon

27/01/2013 a las 05:46

(I tested it out in Photoshop)
Fuente identificada: Pea Kristen

27/01/2013 a las 06:08

Wow, you can test font. I am learning so many new things. Thank you, you were more helpful than you know.

27/01/2013 a las 06:39

It's not a problem! I'm trying to find the font for 'Jesus' but have come up empty handed.

I knew I had seen those fonts before and since they look handwritten, I thought they may be from the Peas family. I have all of them on my computer, so I just typed out the words and tested out the different fonts.

27/01/2013 a las 06:57


(using the SMALL CAPS option)
Fuente identificada: Arabic Typesetting

27/01/2013 a las 06:58

Awww, your too sweet. I was finally able to finish the template with your help. You don't have to worry about the 'Jesus' I decided to use Celtic Garamond the 2nd and ended up loving it more than this mystery font.

27/01/2013 a las 07:50

Yay! So glad you were able to do it!

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