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I need english Windows screen captures

16/03/2011 a las 14:52

I've made a french tutorial to help people install fonts (tired of repeating again and again "Read the FAQ" as they don't read) :
I'd like to do the same thing in english, is there anyone that can do the same screen captures i did of their English spoken Windows ?
Please ?

Thank you guys !

16/03/2011 a las 17:10

Sorry, I'm only able to do Dutch screen captures...

But if you want me to do Dutch ones, send me a PM plz...

16/03/2011 a las 17:37

Well, I use WinRaR to extract my files, and that is English, the steps are basically the same, so...

But the part in Explorer is in Dutch on my PC, although the difference between 'Install' and 'Installeren' can be modified with Photoshop or so...

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16/03/2011 a las 18:01

I'm not fluent in Dutch

16/03/2011 a las 19:22

vinz ha dicho  
I'm not fluent in Dutch

I am And my English aint that bad either...

16/03/2011 a las 20:34

Sorry - I use a Mac and also Suitcase Fusion for my font installations. Otherwise, I'd be happy to help.

You used a great font in your example, though!

16/03/2011 a las 21:56

Hi vinz, what OS are you using for your explanation?

16/03/2011 a las 22:41

koeiekat ha dicho  
Hi vinz, what OS are you using for your explanation?

In the link he gave is clearly seeable that he uses Windows...

17/03/2011 a las 09:54

yes, i'm using windows 7 and the default windows tool to unzip it. This is the easy way to explain computer newbies how to install a font.

17/03/2011 a las 09:55

@tawm: yeah, right, great font ! the author is damn cool

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