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Using Font for Blog

17/01/2013 a las 22:21

I wish to use the PW Yummy Donuts by Peax Webdesign for the title/header of the blog that I am creating using blogger. I understand that personal blogs are not considered commercial use. However, if I have ad space on my blog and receive money from this, will the font being used for the title of the blog be considered commercial use? I have every intention of providing credit for the font in the "about" section of my blog. Looking forward to any replies.

18/01/2013 a las 01:33

I think so, even if the blog is not your "profession", aka your main source of earning money, anything that earns money is considered commercial. Your best bet would be to contact Peax Webdesign and ask them. You should be able to work something out. Good luck!

18/01/2013 a las 09:33

The only people that can answer to this question is the author of the font.
Contact him.

22/01/2013 a las 22:46

Hi Mocarinci

A small backlink as the Author, and go for it my friend
Michel - Peax Webdesign

31/03/2013 a las 15:02

Is Blogger considered as personal use? I would like to start a blog and all this fonts are really fun...I was just wondering if I can use them for titles or something like that in my blog. I also have every intention of providing credit for the font in the "about" section of my blog.. Would that work? Or do I have to contact every single author of whom I want to use a font, and ask him if I can use that font?

Hope for any replies and sorry for my all my grammar mistakes

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