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no idea :(

16/01/2013 a las 23:33

Seen this before but I have no idea of what this font is. Any help would be gratefully received, thanks!

no idea :(

Fuente identificada

Trafaret  Sugerido por rocamaco 

Fuente sugerida

Artistica  Sugerido por fmontpetit 

16/01/2013 a las 23:42

Traffic (Original design by Tom Hultgren, Letraset, 1973).
Trafalgar (1992 Corel).
Trafaret (1993 Type Market).
Cane (1994 Bay Animation).

Fuente identificada: Trafaret

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16/01/2013 a las 23:43

Fuente sugerida: Artistica

16/01/2013 a las 23:50

Thank you!

17/01/2013 a las 05:31

I stumbled upon this one while looking for something else:

Playmate (1994 Brendel Informatik)

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17/01/2013 a las 05:36

Not a match, only "Trafaret", stroked, matches with the sample...

17/01/2013 a las 05:37

No no... I was just surprised I found another one (might have been useful for someone's list or something).

17/01/2013 a las 05:43

Editado el 17/01/2013 a las 05:45 por rocamaco

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