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Help please

14/01/2013 a las 21:22

Whi is this font please......thanks.

Help please

Fuente identificada

Didot Italic  Sugerido por claudeserieux 

14/01/2013 a las 23:21

Fuente identificada: Didot Italic

14/01/2013 a las 23:28


14/01/2013 a las 23:38

Why not?...

Editado el 14/01/2013 a las 23:38 por rocamaco

15/01/2013 a las 00:00

Quite difficult to see from their small preview, but it could be Light Italic, 96 pt master version

15/01/2013 a las 00:26

15/01/2013 a las 00:44

Yeah, better.
On the other hand, the original sample has more inclination (more italic)... but anyway, looks like a good match at first glance.

15/01/2013 a las 00:47

Yes...thank You so so much dear friends.

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