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Uninstalling a font?

09/01/2013 a las 19:13

How do you uninstall fonts? I have searched for the file names but the only thing that came up was the "file short cut" which couldn't be opened. My computer asked if I wanted to delete them and so I did however the fonts still exist. I really need to uninstall the 5 that I have installed, I am not just sure how. Please help!

09/01/2013 a las 20:02

rettygirl78, I don't know Windows 7, but the procedure should be similar to how it would be done with XP. In your operating system directory folder, (or the Control Panel), you should be able to find a folder called Fonts. When you open it, select the Details View option, as the font names are frequently not the same as the file names. When you find the ones you want to remove, right-click the file name; there should be an option to uninstall.


10/01/2013 a las 21:02

If you're using Windows 7, click on the start button and select "Control Panel". Click on "Appearance and Personalization". Click on "Fonts". Right-Click on the font you want to uninstall, and select "Delete".

12/02/2015 a las 22:28

That's how to uninstall a font on your computer. I think she means how does a person uninstall a font that's already been uploaded on,

12/02/2015 a las 22:47

i don't think you understand what you're doing.

i'm not in your brain... but these are two different things :
- REMOVE FROM DAFONT a font that's already been UPLOADED on
- UNINSTALL FROM A COMPUTER a font that's already been INSTALLED on a computer.

13/02/2015 a las 04:09

I understand perfectly- So let me ask you, how can I delete or remove a font I already uploaded to website?

13/02/2015 a las 05:02

13/02/2015 a las 09:19

Why can't you stop calling this site Dant ?
Anyway, simply click on the contact link in the footer, and contact the "no one guy"

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