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Whats this font called ?

05/01/2013 a las 18:41

Whats this font called ?

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Fuente identificada

Pea Summer Funkyness  Sugerido por rocamaco 

05/01/2013 a las 18:47

Fuente identificada: Pea Summer Funkyness

06/01/2013 a las 04:04

really? again? and you complain about originality?.. at least if you do this don't complain if others do it to you and write different words.. i can't even guh

06/01/2013 a las 04:29


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06/01/2013 a las 05:42

I love when people think they have a font (or, as I've also seen *know* they have a font) but forget what it's called and immediately post on here to ask what it is... I'm assuming without even trying to locate it within their fonts first (as in type exactly the same letters that they're looking for in Word or Photoshop or whatever and applying every font they have downloaded, as I've done myself numerous times).

Seriously, I do love it.

Maddie, I don't even know you yet I felt your disdain in that GUH.

07/01/2013 a las 01:05

omg yes but bby she freaks out when people post her tumblr banners and such and she turns around and does the SAME THING to other people? like what... seriously i'm actually attempting to be original. and kaylz,you say everyone needs to be "original" ..then what is this

07/01/2013 a las 01:39

I like big butts an i cannot lieeeeee

07/01/2013 a las 01:45


07/01/2013 a las 01:52


07/01/2013 a las 02:21

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