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Do you know font this is?

08/08/2010 a las 12:25

im plain curious..... Im searching for the font .. with the Word "Mine" i already have the "taylor Swift" font. please help!

Do you know font this is?

Fuentes identificadas

Sudestada  Sugerido por koeiekat 
Satisfaction  Sugerido por RaspberryJewel 

Fuente sugerida

Sudesta Ends  Sugerido por hypergal90 

23/08/2010 a las 21:16

Looks like the small text
the best thing ... ever been
has the same 'e', 'i' and 'n' as in

and i've seen that special 't' somewhere...

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23/08/2010 a las 22:54

tophy52, she only wants to know the font for the large word "Mine". The 'Taylor Swift' font is, I believe, Satisfaction by Andrew Leman.

I don't think she cares about the small lettering.

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24/08/2010 a las 11:13

Mine is hand written.

24/08/2010 a las 13:35

Sorry Guys, I don't agree with you two.

I beleive that Mine is written with the same font as the small background text.
That's why i'm looking for this special curvy 't' bar that i've seen before, but can't remember where yet...
it will give me the Mine font !

24/08/2010 a las 14:08

You know what Tophy, you are absolutely right! My wrong, the crippled M of Mine fooled me. So I took a closer look at the smaller text and saw that Y. Eureka! Sudestada!

Edit kk: Just a bit backslanted.
Fuente identificada: Sudestada

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24/08/2010 a las 14:32

There you go!!
allright! They just erased the top curve on the M.

24/08/2010 a las 16:08

¿erased? ¡castrated!

24/08/2010 a las 18:38

Nice work, tophy52 and koeiekat. You did a lot with a little.

24/08/2010 a las 19:10

I could do a whoooole lot more with Taylor Swift, if i could!!

24/08/2010 a las 19:16

Sorry, but (You Can't Get No) "Satisfaction", to paraphrase Mick Jagger!

23/02/2011 a las 01:28

if your looking for the font thats goes with Sudestada Try...
Fuente sugerida: Sudesta Ends

23/02/2011 a las 09:21

Fuente identificada: Satisfaction

Editado el 23/02/2011 a las 10:04 por RaspberryJewel

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