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Pleas help

18/12/2012 a las 06:50

Hi, I was wondering again could anyone kindly ID these fonts. Thank you again for contributing to this great resource.

Pleas help

Fuentes identificadas

Some Weatz Swashes  Sugerido por rubriquaubrac 
Harrington  Sugerido por LaurenRuth 

18/12/2012 a las 07:27

One of the fonts in this is Harrington. (Used in the text reading: "request the honor of your presence at the wedding of their children," "on SATURDAY," "43484 Main Road Chicago, Illinois," and "Two White Pines Country Club.")

Also, the script font used at the top,"Mr and Mrs Gregory Laurie," looks a lot like Many Weatz by Mĺns Grebäck but without the artist grunge effect i.e. the lines and dots/drops. Perhaps he does have a regular version of this font available.
Fuente identificada: Harrington

18/12/2012 a las 07:35

Hey thank you kindly PseudoNympho.

18/12/2012 a las 08:43

You're welcome. Good luck in finding the rest you are looking for. ~Lauren

18/12/2012 a las 08:53

Saint Mary's Chapel was Some Weatz Swashes font.
Fuente identificada: Some Weatz Swashes

18/12/2012 a las 09:19

Thank you for taking the time to contribute too rubiquaubrac. Im flabbergasted how you guys can nail fonts so easy.

18/12/2012 a las 09:26

Great website Lauren.

18/12/2012 a las 10:51

Thanks so much

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