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How to rename a fonts name

14/12/2012 a las 00:52

Does anyone know of a freeware program that will let you rename a fonts name as it appears in a program. NOT the file name.
So that instead of seeing 'Cheeseburger' as a font name, I want to rename it to 'Bold-Cheeseburger', or 'Hand-Burst My Bubble', or 'Script-CaflischScript'.
What way when sorted alphabetically, like fonts will be listed together.
Im using Win 7 & Win XP with MS Publisher.

14/12/2012 a las 02:09

Dion.H, if you haven't installed a font yet, you can just right-click -> rename the file. If you want to rename fonts that have already been installed, that's trickier, but not impossible. NEVER rename a font in your installed fonts folder, it will be corrupted in the process. What you can do is open a Search Window, and browse for the directory C:\Windows*\Fonts, (*or whatever the name is for your operating system folder), and don't specify any file name or type, just the search location. The results should list all of your installed fonts. For the ones you want to rename, copy the files from the search results, and paste them into another folder. Rename the files, delete the copies that are currently installed, then cut/paste the renamed versions back into your installed fonts folder to reinstall them.

There are a few fonts you can't change in this manner. Tahoma, with Windows XP, is the standard display font, so it can't be uninstalled even momentarily. I don't know if you have a different display font for Windows 7, but if you do, you wouldn't be able to change it, either. You also won't be able to rename Microsoft Sans Serif, or the font currently selected in Notepad. As far as I know, you should be able to rename any others.

Now, if what you want to do is change the font name, not the file name, that can also be done, but I'm not going to tell you how.

Dion H, font designers don't want to let you do this to their fonts. What you want to do has been abused many times in the past, where someone takes an existing font, changes only its name and the copyright information, then tries to pass it off as an original work, or recreation. When fonts have multiple weights, (bold, italic, bold italic, light, black, etc.), and were properly made, the font will appear only once in the installed fonts list for the app you're using, and the non Regular weights are accessed through the formatting tools. So, the answer to the question 'is there a freeware app that does this kind of renaming in a batch?' is No, it's a complex process in which each font would have to be renamed separately, and other things would have to be done, as well. Other designers would have my head if I gave you instructions on how to do it. It would be like if a Magician told the public how card and disappearing coin tricks work. If you need to know how to do it, you'll already know how.

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19/02/2013 a las 11:33

metaphasebrothel - I have this exact situation and the reason I need to rename the font is that I have downloaded two different fonts that have been given identical names... meaning I cannot use both.

I have to say thank you for your informative bolded answer that helps me to resolve the issue.
Oh wait, no it doesn't.

Before designers come for your head, perhaps you should tell them to design things properly.

I utilised a shareware tool "Typograf" to rename one of the fonts and resolve my issue.

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21/02/2013 a las 20:50

Typograf works perfect.
It did exactly what I needed.
I knew someone would know how to do this.

Thanks cplsyx

21/02/2013 a las 21:49

Typograf, an oldish program but still one of the best font managers around.

20/08/2014 a las 00:03

Hi guys.

I have downloaded about 70 fonts and in order to have it sorted in Photoshop I need to somehow change names of all new fonts.
For example put "!" character at the begining of the name.

Now, doing that font by font using Typograf is a bit time consuming.

Do you know any software that can do the trick in batch mode?

07/09/2014 a las 11:20

Why would anyone want to make life harder by messing up the alphabetic order?

07/09/2014 a las 14:43

Imagine that: you have 2000 fonts already installed, you download 50 new and you want to test only them.
Will you browse through 2050 fonts to find only those you need at the moment?

07/09/2014 a las 15:03


what about using a font manager instead of renaming fonts ?
i'm not sure you need 2050 different fonts for a single project...

07/09/2014 a las 18:12

Yes, daaams, thanks. I got to the same conclusion.

07/09/2014 a las 23:15

daaams, wasn't the question about renaming the font's name, not about renaming the file name?

12/03/2017 a las 21:10

I use Font Monster for Windows 3.1, in Windows XP in a virtual machine. It can change the font name, family name, and some other properties without changing the rest of the font. As a Windows 3.x application, it can't navigate folders or open fonts with more than 8 characters in the name (or 3 in the extension), but it's worth the effort. Unfortunately the vendor disappeared long ago, so you can't register the app and get the additional features of the registered version, but the unregistered version can change names and save files. I have not had any luck trying to run Font Monster in Wine in OS X.

I had four fonts that should have been in one family but were named so that regular and italic were in one family and the bold equivalents were in another. I used ttx to change the family names in the bold fonts but then Font Book complained that the POST table was unusable, don't use these fonts. So I fired up Windows XP in VirtualBox, started Font Monster, changed the file names and copied the files to an accessible folder, opened the files in Font Monster, changed the names (two places), saved the files, moved them back, renamed the files (not really necessary), installed the fonts, no complaints from Font Book.

Font Monster is available from Vetusware at

17/03/2017 a las 16:23

I agree with you Font Monster is a great tool that allow you to edit font !

15/04/2017 a las 12:02

You can batch truncate/rename file names through "krojamSoft: BatchRenameFiles" program.

17/04/2017 a las 04:15

ronald23 ha dicho  
You can batch truncate/rename file names through "krojamSoft: BatchRenameFiles" program.

Please re-read the thread.

The question was how to rename internal font names -- not external file names.

20/05/2018 a las 10:31

Here's some freeware you could use - Skyoptin Free Font Renamer. Since I don't use it, and I just came across it on the web, I know a lot about it, but I don't think it supports OpenType.

To be perfectly honest, I don't even know if this is a program to rename internal typeface names or external typeface file names, but you could give it a go. Here's the link -

Hope this helps,

20/05/2018 a las 16:02

Skyoptin Free Font Renamer is not an answer to the question. Here's what it says: "Got a font collection? Got a collection, but no order in it? Start by giving font files the names corresponding to the full font names. For example, you can rename MLON_I.TTF to Milion Italic.ttf." It's a Windows app that automatically renames the font files in a folder to match the internal font name. It doesn't change the internal font name.

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