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Why won't this font work when I try to make it bold?

13/12/2012 a las 17:01

I'm trying to use the font Myndraine, but it won't respond to the normal things one does to make a font bold (by selecting text and clicking on the bold button). I am however able to make it italic. This is the first time I've ever encountered this problem with any font, including fonts that don't come with bold and italic versions.

Can anyone tell me why this might be happening and how to get this font to work on my computer?


13/12/2012 a las 17:19

What software/platform are you using?

13/12/2012 a las 17:44

I love mystery problems like this, ellenelle.

I think you should uninstall the .ttf version, and install the .otf.

I checked the Font Info with Studio5, and the weight is set at Demibold for the .ttf, and Medium for the Open Type and Type 1 fonts, also included in the download .zip. That's probably what's causing your problems with the Bold formatting. The .ttf also has embedding restrictions not found in the other two versions, ["Only Printing and Previewing is allowed (read only)"].

I installed the .otf, and had no problem using the regular and bold weights:


13/12/2012 a las 18:09

I have tried it in Paint Shop Pro and Word, on my XP computer. Again, never had any problems like this before whether TrueType or Open Type.

bobistheowl, I did as you suggested, but mystifyingly, I am still having the same problem.

Any other thoughts?


13/12/2012 a las 19:16

I wonder if you might have a saved document that used the .ttf version of Myndraine, or if you have both the .ttf and the .otf installed at the same time. That can happen, if neither the font names nor the file names are identical, (note that the file names are MYNDRAIN.TTF and Myndraine.otf in the .zip. The DemiBold vs. Medium weight disparity ♦might♦ be considered a different font name).

I installed only the .otf, and the text sample in my previous post was made with MS Word 2007 copy/pasted into MS Paint. I'm using Windows XP, the same as you. If we rule out the possibility that your Word and/or Operating System are compromised, I can't see any reason why the .otf should work fine for me, but not for you. I don't use Paint Shop Pro, so I can't help you with conflicts with that.

I used to have similar problems when I deleted a font that I had embedded in a Word doc or .pdf. Doing that corrupted all copies of the file with the same font name, (but not necessarily the same file name), including copies in unopened .zips. No glyphs would appear when the font was opened in preview, and the text display in the embedded doc would change to fixed sys. I had to delete and recycle every affected copy of the font, and also all documents in which the font had been saved, before I could generate a working version again. The solution to this problem is: When making a font, give different file names and different font names to each successive version, ie:XXXbeta013, 014, etc, and only generate the font with its correct name for the final version, after all changes have been made. That way, you can have multiple versions of a font installed at the same time, and you uninstall them after subsequent improvements make prior versions obsolete.


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13/12/2012 a las 21:16

I'm not sure I completely understand what you're saying. Do I need to delete any documents in Word that use Myndraine? I couldn't just change the fonts temporarily? I have already uninstalled the TTF version -- is that not going far enough?

I have some PSP files that use Myndraine, which were created in Paint Shop Pro and would be just too time-consuming to mess with, but I doubt those would have any systemic impact on my computer.


13/12/2012 a las 22:25

Ellen, try opening a word document in which you have used the .ttf of Myndraine, and see if the character display is correct. Next, select the entire document, change the font to something else, save the document, and close it. Repeat for any other such documents. You won't need to delete them. The situation I described in my previous post referred to embedded fonts. When a font is embedded, someone can see the characters in use if they don't have that font installed on their computer.

If you save a document on your own computer, using a non standard font, (ie: not one of the ones everybody has installed, like Tahoma, or Comic Sans MS), but don't embed it, the document will look fine on your computer. If you e-mail the document to someone else, however, the text display on their computer will revert to Calibri or Times New Roman, depending on the version of MS Word they are using. Not all fonts can be embedded; it's an option chosen by the designer.

To embed a font using MS Word 97-2003, Go to Tools in the Menu Bar, then select Options... When the Options dialog box appears, select the Save Tab. and put a check in the box next to 'Embed True Type Fonts', (it also works for .otfs). When that box is checked, the box below, ('Embed characters in use only'), will be enabled - put a check in that box as well. Click the OK button to confirm the change and close the dialog box, save the document, and the font will be embedded, (provided that embedding is allowed; you need to have a font editing app installed to view the embedding restrictions).

In MS Word 2007, look in the Title Bar for a short line above a downward pointing arrow - it should be the first icon to the left of the name of your document. Click the down arrow, and select 'More Commands' from the menu to open the Word Options dialog box. Click on the Save topic in the panel on the left, and you'll see the embedding commands as the third item in the main portion of the Window. If you haven't used the Word Options dialog box before, it's worth your time to check the other topics, and perhaps fine tune some settings for individual docs or permanent use. For permanent changes, have only one Window of Word open, make the changes, then close Word. Your changes should be remembered by Word the next time you open it, (embedding is done on a document by document basis, when applicable).

I usually open Word 2000 when I want to embed, because I keep forgetting how to enable the Word Options d.b. in 2007.

Unfortunately, I can't help you with any conflicts arising from the use of Myndraine in your PSP files. Saving them with a different font in use would probably fix any problem, unless you had previously used embedding of a deleted font in your PSPs.

Good luck.


13/12/2012 a las 23:26

Hey bito, it worked! Thanks so much for that esoteric advice, and also the information about embedding.


14/12/2012 a las 00:16

Glad to hear that, Ellen! A comment on one of my fonts is always appreciated. We get so many downloads, and so little feedback. Except koeiekat; he doesn't get many downloads.

14/12/2012 a las 02:01

Comment : Say No to Faux Bold

14/12/2012 a las 02:16

@Claude: Fox is spelled with an O in English. You can see it in every preview, unless you're looking at dingbats. I lie. Fonts made with Scanfont 3 use the Jackdaws panagram.

14/12/2012 a las 03:09

14/12/2012 a las 03:12

metaphasebrothel ha dicho  
@Claude: Fox is spelled with an O in English.

14/12/2012 a las 03:51

Thanks for the links, Claude. I don't have to worry, because people only use my fonts to fill empty disk space.

14/12/2012 a las 17:56

metaphasebrothel ha dicho  
.. Except koeiekat; he doesn't get many downloads.

15/12/2012 a las 01:30

Koiekeat, your fonts are like the Mona Lisa - amazing, but you can't hang it just anywhere.

15/12/2012 a las 01:43

@Koeiekat : Awesome!

15/12/2012 a las 03:52

@koeiekat: There should not be a "to" between "not" and "make" in the third line of ML Sunglow KK.

In the Obese & Square KK text, you should have a comma after "knick-knacks", rather than a period, and the U in "usable" should not be capitalized. The S is mud at the point size displayed, virtually indistinguishable from the O.

I have a lot of trouble determining exactly what you are saying in the Monogram KK text. I think it's
"Like this one
Which ????? has brought around two thousand
dollars in donations to animal shelters"

If the ????? delivered other people's donations to the animal shelters, the phrasing would be correct. If, however, the ????? donated their own money, It should read "Which ????? has donated around two thousand dollars to animal shelters?".

The two new ones in progress look interesting. It seems like the point size chosen for use in your graphic does not fully exploit the virtues of a few of the others.


15/12/2012 a las 12:18


15/12/2012 a las 16:26

Another example of faux bold:

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