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Does Youtube count as "personal use"??

12/12/2012 a las 17:28

First, I'm sorry for adding another question about licensing (I can see there are a lot of those here) but I couldn't find any that addressed youtube videos in particular.

Basically, ,I'm making a holiday video for an internet group that I'm in. It's just for fun (no monies earned by this), and there are not a lot of people in our group (I don't expect more than 20-30 views or so). I ran a test of the music for my video & realized that there is a small pop up ad that shows up about 10 seconds in - but it's auto-generated by youtube (so not my own ad). Also, the video will include credits at the end for all photos, clipart, music, and fonts.

I found a font here that I like, and I've already asked the author for permission, but I'm afraid I won't get a response in time (deadline is next Monday). Would this youtube video follow along the same lines as scrapbooking, blogging, and other "personal use" items? Or does it cross the line into "commercial"?? Font License also states that it should not be used in "public media" w/out consent of the owner. Does youtube count as "public media"?

Thanks for any help you can give!

12/12/2012 a las 18:11

Just my opinions on this...

There's a picture of YouTube next to the dictionary definition of "public media", but the font author probably was thinking of Twitter and Facebook.

If you were going to benefit financially from the YouTube upload, I would consider this to be commercial use, but you have stated that this is not the case. Your intent to include end credits, acknowledging your photo, clip art, music and font usages should be enough for the font author to extend permission to you, but that's his/her decision, not mine.

You seem to be a consummately honest person; most would just use the font, and cross their fingers that the font author never finds out. Keep in mind that most font designers don't check for private messages nor font comments on a daily basis, but they are more likely to respond promptly to an e-mail.

12/12/2012 a las 18:21

Thanks for your help meta I do have a backup font just in case (from fontsquirrel), but I will try emailing him today since I really prefer this font for the video's theme.

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