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New Gmail App Font

06/12/2012 a las 06:58

I saw this app in the new Gmail iPad app, and I am wondering what it is. Could someone help me?

It's the font used in the headings, such as the "Inbox" and senders' names in the picture.

New Gmail App Font

Fuente identificada

Helvetica  Sugerido por fmontpetit 

Fuente sugerida

Europa Grotesk  Sugerido por FITFRecords 

05/01/2013 a las 16:24

Hi stratbobs,

I do agree that this font look greats on the Iphone, according to this article the font used is the same than in Google+, and it appeared to me that it is Arial font. It is surprising to see how nice it looks in this app. Very thin but very easy to read.

05/01/2013 a las 17:33

Fuente identificada: Helvetica

06/01/2013 a las 16:34


14/01/2013 a las 08:37

You're all wrong, the font is ACTUALLY: Europa Grotesk SH
Fuente sugerida: Europa Grotesk

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