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06/12/2012 a las 00:33

I know this font is hand drawn but can anyone help me find something SIMILAR to this?
Something jagged would be preferable, but I can edit the font to match what I'm looking for if it's right.


Fuente sugerida

Smack  Sugerido por nataliemaulucci 

06/12/2012 a las 04:50

Fuente sugerida: Smack

Editado el 06/12/2012 a las 10:20 por drf_

06/12/2012 a las 05:07


06/12/2012 a las 05:35

I'm just looking for a similar font my niggas hahaha

06/12/2012 a las 10:20

There you go, with a link, it seems less strange

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