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What font is this?

05/12/2012 a las 04:02

I'm a part of this blog, and I want to make a sidebar for one of my new blogs. One of the previous co-owners created this logo. However, she is not a part of it and I feel like she hates me and I'm afraid to ask her lol

So, what is this font?

(for "supremebucketlist", I know what font the "@ tumblr" is)

What font is this?

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Fuente identificada

Simplesnails  Sugerido por SexyElvis7 

05/12/2012 a las 19:34

Simplesnails with incorrect kerning
Fuente identificada: Simplesnails

07/12/2012 a las 03:34

Darn it...I thought it was Simplesnails. You're amazing, SexyElvis, by the way.

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