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Bottom Font? (No Drama Please)

02/12/2012 a las 03:10

I saw this picture on a previous post, but the poster only asked for the banner font. What is the font under the banner? I'm simply just curious and not asking for any drama, as I would like to stay out of all the dolphin business. Thanks in advance!

Bottom Font? (No Drama Please)

Editado el 02/12/2012 a las 03:10 por lolhipoop

Fuente identificada

PickandRoll  Sugerido por SashiX 

02/01/2013 a las 23:40

quite sure this one in bold
Fuente identificada: PickandRoll

08/01/2013 a las 05:34

It was me i posted it i forgot what it was called i needed to edit it thank you !

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