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Scream Front

28/11/2012 a las 01:17

is there front for this

Scream Front

Fuentes sugeridas

Futura Extra Bold  Sugerido por Tomás Silcher 
Scream  Sugerido por loguz 

28/11/2012 a las 01:30

Custom "M".
Fuente sugerida: Futura Extra Bold

28/11/2012 a las 01:30

Futura Extra Bold - just with a customization on the M
Fuente sugerida: Futura Extra Bold
  (Ya se ha sugerido aquí)

28/11/2012 a las 02:25

Not only "M" actually but... I don't know other font better matching than Futura for this case. Maybe someone else will help you.

28/11/2012 a las 02:29

It has an extra stroke aswel but it is Futura imo.

28/11/2012 a las 02:45

for the "M"
Fuente sugerida: Scream

28/11/2012 a las 03:01

was kidding, is Futura Extra Bold

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