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i've searched everywhere!

23/11/2012 a las 06:13

pls help, ive been looking for this font for almost 3 days, i've gone trough my 1000+ collection of font and searched over some font site but i can't see it anywhere...can anyone pls tell me what font this is...

i've searched everywhere!

Fuente identificada

Excalibur  Sugerido por frd 

23/11/2012 a las 10:54

Pick the one you want
Fuente identificada: Excalibur

Editado el 23/11/2012 a las 21:00 por Rodolphe

23/11/2012 a las 11:42

damn...i'll pick everything! thanks a lot bro!!!

23/11/2012 a las 11:45

23/11/2012 a las 13:45


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