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What's that font ?

22/11/2012 a las 08:59

Je n'arrive pas à déterminer cette police... Quelqu'un la connait-il ?

I can not identify this font ... Someone knows it?

What's that font ?

Fuente identificada

Hand of Sean  Sugerido por koeiekat 

22/11/2012 a las 09:44

Condensed a bit.
Fuente identificada: Hand of Sean

22/11/2012 a las 09:56

Koeikat... Thank you ! It's great !

22/11/2012 a las 10:03

Finally, the font looks great ... but it is not Hand of Sean ... The letters G and Y do not fit...

Finalement, cette police ressemble beaucoup... mais ce n'est pas Hand of sean... Les lettres G et Y ne correspondent pas...

22/11/2012 a las 10:26

Which G and Y

23/11/2012 a las 08:20

Sorry koeikat ... I mixed two different fonts !
Again thank so much you for your help!

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