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What the font?

13/11/2012 a las 17:41

What the font?

Fuentes sugeridas

Premier League  Sugerido por loguz 
Chianti Bold  Sugerido por Heron2001 

13/11/2012 a las 18:38

Very similar to Bitstream's Chianti (for a brief moment I thought it was Albertus.... ah fond memories.)
Fuente sugerida: Chianti Bold

13/11/2012 a las 18:56

I also

13/11/2012 a las 19:05

Well, I hope this link is legal
Fuente sugerida: Premier League

13/11/2012 a las 19:07

Ok, now I understand why you were talking about the Premier League font. It's a font that's not available to buy or download, at least not legally, so you can simply leave the link field blank, and everything is ok then

13/11/2012 a las 19:09

13/11/2012 a las 19:58

Thank you very much.

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