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Mistero Font name?Please =(

01/03/2011 a las 12:25

Mistero Font name?Please =(

Fuentes identificadas

Mason Serif  Sugerido por rocamaco 
Morpheus  Sugerido por Paul Hibbert 
L’Elf Noir du Mal  Sugerido por rocamaco 
Mutlu Ornamental  Sugerido por maffo1989 

01/03/2011 a las 12:36

Looks like "Mason Serif" ( "M" and "E" ) and "O" a dingbat probably...
Fuente identificada: Mason Serif

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01/03/2011 a las 12:44

Thanks Rocamaco =)

02/03/2011 a las 14:04

There are at least 4 different fonts here:
- Mason Serif for the M,e,r as Rocamaco said, although the M is Mason Alternate
- Morpheus for the i,t
- Astrology 1 for the o
The only thing I can't find is the s - It's possible its from an alternate of some font but if I was doing it I'd customise it
Fuente identificada: Morpheus

Editado el 02/03/2011 a las 19:07 por Rodolphe

02/03/2011 a las 14:20

Thanks for detail =)

03/03/2011 a las 11:24

"S" and "R"...
Fuente identificada: L’Elf Noir du Mal

03/03/2014 a las 15:31

Fuente identificada: Mutlu Ornamental

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