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Please tell me what this font is!!

10/11/2012 a las 05:35

Please tell me what this font is!!

Fuentes identificadas

Honey Script  Sugerido por dg_angustias 
Sweetheart Script  Sugerido por frd 

10/11/2012 a las 05:47

Sugar - Honey Script
Fuente identificada: Honey Script

10/11/2012 a las 05:51

I don't think this is honey script.. it's very familiar though. I just typed those words into honey script and the k is drastically different. I see differences in other letters, too, like the c and e.

10/11/2012 a las 06:03

"Sugar" is Honey Script "cupacake" is another font... maybe someone else can meet

10/11/2012 a las 06:07

yeah I did think they were different... and of course "cupacake"is what I'm interested in seeing!

10/11/2012 a las 09:50

Here's the other one.
Fuente identificada: Sweetheart Script

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